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Add Your Ghost Town Pictures

There are 3 ways you can add your photo's to our site.


1 - You can e-mail them to . Include location and date if available, and any photo credits.


2 - Register with, and upload your pictures. You can choose which section(s) you want to add your pictures & add a description and title as well.  If we do not have a section for your pictures, just add it to the province and we'll create a section for them.


3 - If you do not have digital images, you are welcome to mail them to us. We'll scan them, upload them, and then mail your pictures back.


Chris Attrell

#1027 - 246 Stewart Green SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

T3H 3C8


We would LOVE to add older pictures of Canadian ghost towns to the site.  If you have some classic photo's, please send them.



Q - Do we sell or make money off my pictures?

A - No. If someone wants to buy your print, we'll let you know. We don not sell images sold by guests.


Q - Do we buy pictures?

A - Sorry, we just do not have the budget to purchase pictures. However, if you sell pictures, you are welcome to add your photo's and a link to your website in which you sell pictures.


Q - I have some old pictures that are really low quality, can I send them anyhow?

A - Yes! Visitors to this site LOVE old pictures, especially ones of towns that are long gone.


Q - Can I remove my pictures at my choosing?

A - Yes. Just send us an e-mail and we'll take the off right away.


Q - I have pictures of Ghost Towns in the USA, can I send them?

A - Sure. We do not have any yet. It would be nice to create a new section.

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